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What is Click2Learn Education System ?

What is Click2Learn Education System (Urdu & English Presentation)
Click2Learn Registration Guide (Urdu)
Download & Install Click2Learn Fonts for Math Formulae & Nastaleeq Urdu
Click2Learn is a Comprehensive, Interactive, Adaptive, Online Education System for Pakistani Students studying Class 9, 10, 11 & 12 (Board Exam Preparation) or aspiring to appear in Entry Test for Medical, Engineering, Business, IT and Science Programs.
Click2Learn teaches subjects and syllabi for ALL Boards in Pakistan including F.G Board Islamabad.
Click2Learn Extensive Training for Entry Tests like NAT (NTS), MCAT, ECAT, UHS Punjab, UET Lahore, NUST, ETEA KPK, GIKI, NED, Dow, AKMU etc.
Click2Learn Intermediate Study Groups : Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, I.C.S, General Science, I.Com and F.A / Humanities.
Click2Learn Matric Study Groups : Science, Computer Science and Arts.
Click2Learn Empowers :
Students :
To study & test (chapter by chapter & book by book) 24 hours a day.
Teachers : To lecture with ease & test with efficiency.
Parents : To monitor performance and test their children effectively (even if parents are not educated).
Academia & Principals : To ensure quality of instruction and extensive testing of students for better performance, grades and top positions in board exams.
4 Steps 2 Success Model : Click2Learn Teaching Methodology
Learning Module : Learning is a process to acquire, enhance, or make changes in one's knowledge. Learning Module presents essential and masks non-essential pieces of knowledge. It is self paced, will based and presents Urdu meanings of difficult words, links to important examples and related terminologies essential for examination centric study. The module is focused on Pakistani examination system (extensive MCQs, Short Questions and Long Questions) and helps student acquire maximum marks in limited time of study.
Training Module : Training is "Learning provided to improve performance". The training module content and time is controlled by the computer, thus stretching out the student to the speed of the machine. Computer works interactively, maintains individual profile and performance records. Computer controlled reading is followed by important questions for reader's sharp response to gauge and improve the quality of understanding.
Practicing Module : Practicing is "The process to refine & shine talent". It serves the student with variety of questions, giving a chance to make choices, give result with explanation and detailed review. It provides the facility to repeat the same practice every time a fresh as many times as one requires. This is a process that prepares a student for any situation, likely to come up in an examination / entry test.
Testing Module : Testing is "The process to measure the talent". It exposes the student to variety of questions in numerous forms and formats to break the monotony. Every student is presented specific fresh formed questions, has to read afresh every time, and respond carefully. This is the ultimate training facility for a students of Matric or Intermediate in Pakistan.
Click2Learn Performance Monitoring Methodology : Guides student and assures parents with TWO modules, Attendance (Time Usage Analysis) and Performance (Analysis and Monitoring at Overall, Subject, Book & Chapter Levels).
Click2Learn Offers Registration Indiscriminately: REGISTER, STUDY & TEST to feel the power of tutoring system (4 Steps 2 Success Model), LEARNING, TRAINING, PRACTICING and TESTING.
Flat FEE for All Subjects & All Entry Tests, MCAT, ECAT, NUST, GIKI etc.
Study & Test 24 Hours a Day and Even During Travel.

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