prepare for your Entry test to medical colleges and Engineering colleges
Matric & Intermediate Board Exams. Entry Tests :MCAT ECAT NUST GIKI FAST NAT NED DOW AKMU.
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Rise To High Merit

How To Improve Your Merit ?
You can make a study plan for yourself, to improve your marks and position in Board Exam or Entry Test.

Recommended Plan for Board Exam Preparation :
1. 20 Weeks Study Plan.
2. Plan 5 hours of study and 5 selected chapters every day.
3. Exercise 4 Steps of Learning, Training, Practicing & Testing for each chapter.

One Recommended Plan for Entry Test Preparation :
1. 10 Weeks Study Plan (5 Weeks : Chapter By Chapter & Book By Book Tests).
2. 5 hours a day, 5 Entry Test Practicing and Entry Test Testing of desired university / institute every day.

An Extensive Weekly Study Program (10 Weeks : 260 Hours) For Board Examination Preparation :
The Program Guarantees Above 90% Marks (More Study & Tests ... More Marks)

SubjectChaptersWeek Hours
Islamiyat / Pak Studies11
Physics or ...55
Chemistry or ...55
Biology or ...55

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