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Matric & Intermediate Board Exams. Entry Tests :MCAT ECAT NUST GIKI FAST NAT NED DOW AKMU.
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  • Preparatory Package for Matric / Intermediate Board Exams & Entry Tests.

    Covers All Groups of Matric & Intermediate and offers preparatory resources for entry tests of all leading universities in Pakistan.

  • Self-paced learning tool available 24/7. Anytime, Anywhere & During Travel !

    Allows students to learn at their own pace. Easily accessible across the country & Worldwide.

  • The key to a successful future! Transforming the learning paradigm.

    An advanced, easily accessible and affordable solution for students of the digital era. Tution Fee Only Rs. 1,000 per month for all subjects.

  • Provides access to rich learning material developed by subject experts.

    Click2Learn preparatory content has been compiled by competent group of academic experts.

  • An Advanced Learning System for Matric & Intermediate Students.

    Pakistan's First Ever Online Interactive Adaptive Learning System for Students of 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Grade (Matric & Intermediate).

  • Online Trainer for National Aptitude Tests (NAT) NTS.

    Prepares intermediate pass students for all NTS (National Testing Service) tests (NAT-IM, NAT-IE, NAT-CS, NAT-GS, NAT-ICom & NAT-IA).

  • Offers Curriculum-based Mock Tests: Focused-learning for better performance!

    Allows students to identify their learning improvement areas and take a targeted approach (Book and chapter level focus) to enhance.performance.

  • The Guaranteed Successful Learning Formula: 4 Steps 2 Success!

    Learning + Training + Practicing + Testing = Guaranteed Success

  • 4 Steps 2 Success : Step 1 of Success : Learning Module

    Learning Module facilitates self-paced learning by covering essential pieces of syllabi from examination point of view.

  • 4 Steps 2 Success : Step 3 of Success : Practicing Module

    Practicing Module thoroughly prepares students through practice of multiple choice questions and knowledge building.

  • 4 Steps 2 Success : Step 2 of Success : Training Module

    Training module improves the reading skills and sharpens the response on MCQs through timed study & test that help the students in preparing for finishing their exams on time.

  • 4 Steps 2 Success : Step 4 of Success : Testing Module

    Testing Module ensures strong grasp of subjects by offering a variety of questions in numerous forms & formats.

  • Click2Learn Success Stories

    Students excel in UHS Punjab with Click2Learn's preparatory resources : Mr. Saqib obtained 1013 & Ms. Huma scored 999.

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    Mr. Abrar & Ms. Safana succeeded in entry test with the help of Click2Learn and joined Army Medical College, Rawalpindi.

  • ILM : Illuminating Learning Movement : A CSR Initiative of PTCL

    PTCL joins hands with Click2Learn to serve the deserving students of the society. For details please visit (website link for PTCL ILM page).

  • ILM offers 5000 Scholarships

    Free Annual Click2Learn subscriptions for the underprivileged & deserving. For details please visit (website link for PTCL ILM page).

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